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At WORK180 (previously DCC Jobs) we pride ourselves on being selective and this has established our reputation among female job seekers as a site they can trust when looking for a great employer.

To check if you qualify to advertise jobs with us, we invite you to complete this online application form. Please note that Employers of Choice for Gender Equality as qualified by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency are able to advertise without completing our criteria- please contact us on hello@work180.co to set up your account.

Please allow approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the application. While none of the fields are mandatory, the more complete the forms are, the quicker they'll be assessed.

If we require any additional information to assess your application, we will be in touch. Please note that all information provided to WORK180 is kept strictly confidential.

All questionnaires and other intellectual property devised and furnished by WORK180 are confidential and must not be disclosed or used by any third party without WORK180 prior written consent, and remain the property of WORK180.

Section 1 | Business Details

Name of organisation

Name and title of key contact

Phone number

Section 2 | Flexible Working Arrangements

Do you have a formal policy or informal strategy on flexible working arrangements?

This can include compressed hours, work from home, job sharing, part-time work arrangements for example.
At what stage of the hiring process do you explore flexible working arrangements?

Are men taking up flexible work arrangements within your organisation?

Section 3 | Support for Families

How many paid weeks is the parental leave for primary carer givers?

The number of weeks that are paid, at full pay to primary carers in addition to any government benefits
How many paid days/weeks is the parental leave for secondary carer givers?

What length of time must employees work with the organisation before becoming eligible for paid parental leave? Please specify number of weeks/years.

Is there a continuation of superannuation payments whilst on paid Parental Leave?

Is there a continuation of superannuation payments whilst on unpaid Parental Leave?

Superannuation payments are topped up while the employee is on unpaid parental leave
Have you implemented a policy addressing Domestic Family Violence?

Are there private breastfeeding facilities available?

A designated, lockable room for either breastfeeding or expressing
Section 4 | Career Development

Are there coaching programs available to a broad range of employees?

Are there mentoring programs available?

This includes both informal and formal arrangements
Does the organisation offer leadership development programs?

Is there an internal women's networking group?

Does the organisation have targets to raise the number of women in leadership?

Section 5 | Community Involvement

Does the organisation get involved in supporting the community?

Does the organisation provide paid volunteer days?

If yes, please list how many days are provided annually.
Is the employer an ambassador for equal pay?

Employer has undertaken the requirements to be on the Pay Equity Ambassador list, administered by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

More information: https://www.wgea.gov.au/addressing-pay-equity/pay-equity-leaders

Is there an Employee Assistance program (EAP)?

Have you consulted with employees on issues concerning gender equality in the workplace?

If yes, please list any initiatives as a result of the consultation with employees.

Please list any relevant workplace initiatives or policies that haven’t been covered in this application.

The above policies and initiatives apply to: *

How did you hear about WORK180? *

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